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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where did the days go?

It's been over a month since I wrote simply because life is busy! We've all been through so many virus' lately I can hardly count!  School has been fun with trips to the planetarium and fishing. The kids are done with BRICC so now it's time for holiday fun and learn learn learning!  It is really important for me to instill a simplified life in my children and this continues to be a constant challenge.  We leave tomorrow for Tennessee and a Thanksgiving feast that will be anything but simple.  When we get back, I hope to establish our menu for all of December (skipping the weekly stuff), establish a grocery list for the month, and maybe make a list of one thing to do daily to make our household simplier.  The month of December will focus on how we can give to others this holiday season and the joy one has when doing so.  We are starting small, with the guy outside Walmart ringing the bell.  Eventually, Rooster will be volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house.  He has such a kind heart that I really want to take advantage of while it's young!  Peanut is getting out of control these days with her 4 year old antics that are clearly a call for attention. I think some mommy/daughter time is in store this month if only Jelly Belly would allow it.  Speaking of, she has another cold so it might be a long night...

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