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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No plan week!

Well, this past weekend was nothing like I had imagined.  Despite the beautiful weather, I was inside all weekend taking care of a very sick six year old.  We are talking a fever that requires a fan, no shirt, ice packs and cold water with no relief.  A horrible headache and sore throat.  The poor guy was just a lump of misery on the couch. He couldn't eat, barely drank and couldn't tolerate any noise.  We thought it was strep but it ended up being just a virus.  Don't you hate that diagnosis?  Here is my $$$ doc, now tell me "just a virus" please.  Anyway, needless to say, there is no menu this week. We are just making whatever comes to mind.  I made the chicken lemon rice soup but I can't say it was anything spectacular.  I was hoping to share the recipe with you but really it isn't worthy of repeating.  I'll try that one again another day.  Of course if you have a recipe for one, I'd love to hear it!  Today, my little buddy is finally himself.  I'm keeping him home one more day to gain his strength back.  This week has been a blur so far so maybe it will start looking clearer tomorrow.  Are you staying healthy with this constant changing weather?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday menu

Just in case your wondering what I'm working on this week, my 6 year old is obsessed with Entenmanns's Little Bites. Those are absolutely horrible for you! Talk about processed garbage, it has every mother's nightmare for ingredients.  If you've ever had a child with a food aversion, you'll see that they fixate on certain foods and right now it's little bites. I've made several mini muffins this week but they aren't close to the heavenly taste of those Little Bites so I will keep trying and let you know what I come up with.  Meanwhile, here is our menu:

Monday:      Burgers, sweet potato fries and salad
Tuesday:     Slop, cauliflower rice, brussel sprouts

Brown a pound of ground meat and onion.  Add 2 cups of broth of your choice and bring to boil.  Mix 2 TBS of flour with 1 TBS of cold water in a mug.  Slowly stir this into the broth meat mixture.  Add a Tsp of rosemary, 1/2 tsp of sage, salt to taste, 1 TBSP of worcheshire.  add any other seasonings you may want.  Once thickened and simmering, add a cup of frozen peas.  Cook until peas are soft.  Serve over rice or in our case, shredded cauliflower.  I play around with the seasonings each time so I just estimated my common concoction.

Wednesday: Chicken cordon bleu, asparagus

Cordon Bleu
Preheat oven to 400.  Pound out some chicken breasts or buy them flattened as I do.  Lay a piece of Hormel's nitrate free ham on each breast and a piece of swiss cheese.  Roll up tightly and insert a toothpick if needed.  Preheat a pan with about a half inch of olive oil.  Beat an egg in one bowl.  Place a cup of almond flour (or pankos if you wish) in another bowl.  Dip each breast in egg and then flour.  Fry in pan until brown (about 3 min each side).  Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.  Check to make sure done.

Thursday:    Brats, turnip fries, salad
Friday:        Chicken casserole paleo style
*recipe to come

Saturday:     Eat out
Sunday:       Chicken lemon soup and greek gyros

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pizza soup and new menu

This week we are sorta flying by the seat of our pants. My in-laws came to visit on Sunday and I made this wonderful soup that I have named Pizza Soup.  I love to throw ingredients into a pot and hope that it tastes good and this one did.  Now, before you get all excited for pizza, it doesn't exactly taste like pizza.  Only pizza tastes like pizza but it does smell like pizza!  So here it is:


1lb of ground Italian sausage
1/2 small onion diced
3 gloves of garlic minced
2 cups of broth (I used chicken)
16 ounces of tomato juice (I buy a 6 pack of cans for this purpose)
14 ounce can of diced tomatoes
2 cups water
1 TBSP Italian Seasoning
1 tsp basil
1 tsp salt (more to taste)
1 TBSP dried parsley
1 zucchini sliced and quartered
1 yellow squash sliced and quartered
1/2 cup barley

Brown the sausage and when still slightly pink, add the onions.  Add garlic now or later (it retains more health benefits the less you cook it).  Once the meat is brown, add broth, juice, diced tomatoes and seasonings.  Add two cans full of water or about 2 cups.  Stir well and bring to a boil.  Add barley, reduce to simmer, then cover and cook for one hour.  After one hour, add zucchini and squash continuing to cook for another 15 minutes.  Add mozzarella cheese and serve with bread sticks if your really feeling like pizza!  We just enjoyed with some brats.

So that was Sunday.  On Monday, my father-in-law offered to buy us pizza and well, I'll never say no to a free meal and certainly not to pizza now that me and the Beaner can eat cheese.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti on top of spaghetti squash, broccoli
Wed: Shrimp and sausage stir fry over cauliflower rice
Thurs: Sloppy Joe (Pioneer Woman's recipe) on top of Paleo buns, shredded brussel sprouts
Friday: Chicken
Saturday: Left overs

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday menu

Well, last weeks menu plan went fairly well with one hitch.  The Beaner became very ill and on Tuesday, all I could do was hold her the whole day long.  When life throws you a bunch of curve balls, order pizza!  Nothing Paleo about it but life without pizza is just not fair so we had pizza.  We then continued with our meal plan through the week.  We skipped meatloaf on Friday though as the weather was calling me outside to grill. Grilled chicken took it's place.

This week, I'm lucky enough to have my mom here so that me and my hubby were able to grocery shop together. We decided to take Bear with us as that girl just soaks up the attention and we rarely get to give it.  She is so fun when given that one on one time.  Aren't they all?

On another note, I've received several comments about being a short order cook for my kids both here and on our playgroup message board. I've listened and as someone suggested, we are going to put out what we are having, along with bread and butter/or peanut butter and if they don't like what we have, that is what they get. Mom is getting tough here!  I'm so stressed trying to find something Rooster will eat only for him to refuse it half the time so why stress?  It is only one meal!

Here is the menu for the week:

Monday "Happy Birthday to me!" :  Mom's homemade cabbage rolls with mashed potates
*who wants to eat Paleo on their birthday?  yes, there will be a very small cake too

Tuesday:  Grilled salmon with cauliflower styled "rice" and asparagus spears

Wednesday: Meatloaf with salad and broccoli

Thursday:  Grilled burgers with paleo buns; sweet potato fries, grilled asparagus (it was on sale this week)

Friday: Grilled chicken, broccoli, Wild rice, and salad

Saturday:  Junk day = pizza!

So there it is!