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Monday, June 27, 2011

Dare to dream the dream...

So today, I'm launching my own home business!  What hubby?  Did I forget to tell you?  Well dear, you know that cake you devoured for dessert tonight?  It was delicious wasn't it?  I especially liked the berry parsnip frosting! What's that?  You didn't know there were parsnips in your frosting?  I'm guessing you didn't know there was organic kale, collard and mustard greens in the cake?  Oh and did I mention it's dairy free? You've got to be kidding right?  Well dear, I'm not.  There you have it; our very own home business.  Kidding Cakes!  They are chalked full of vegetables, low on sugar, yet so yummy it is hard to believe.  So get working on that kitchen remodel dear so I can make my next yummy surprise!  

Reality check: So that was my "trying to go to sleep" dream last night.  The cake truly was delicious but the business part is still a dream.  All great ventures have to start with a dream right?  So who wants a Kidding Cake and what vegetable would you like to see in it?  Beets? Carrots?  Cauliflower?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bear again...

I woke up this morning only to realize I'm still 4 years old.  When will my birthday come?  Mommy says it is still a few months away.  Few only means three so I thought it would be here by now.  I'm so excited for my birthday list this year.  Today while at the grocery store I told daddy I wanted all the colors of suckers and lollipops.  He likes to tell me "no, you can have that" but then I remind him that I want it for my birthday.  That makes it ok.  The last day, I saw plastic grapes at Hobby Lobby that I just have to have.  Mommy said "no, they collect dust" but then I reminded her that I wanted them for my birthday. That made it ok.  I also picked out a beautiful piece of fabric and plastic flowers.  I hope she is writing all this down.  When we went to Target, I saw a Backyardigans DVD and was so excited.  Mommy told me I have too many videos but then I reminded her it was for my birthday.  She said that was ok. I love that I will get everything I see every day for my birthday.  Now, if those few months would just hurry up.  In the meantime, I will have to help mommy around the house so she thinks I'm extra good for my special day.  Last day, she took all my books away (apparently I'm not suppose to throw them).  She put them on the book shelf in our play room.

I know exactly what your thinking!  That looks horribly boring doesn't it?  Well, I fixed it for her while she messed up my room again.  Isn't this better?

While I decorated the play room again, my mommy took all my stuff from my room again!

She appears to be detecting my newest way of getting materials for my room.  When my brother goes to the bathroom, I run into his room, grab what I want, and hide it in my room.  He gets so mad when something is missing and I can't help but laugh.  Mommy caught me once, told me I was sneaky and then decided my room needed cleaning again.  I'm so misunderstood, I think mommy is the sneaky one for catching me.  Wouldn't you agree?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Still here...

Uh oh! Where did I go?  On an adventurous vacation?  I wish.  Actually I am sorta under a personal reconstruction right now.  I wasn't too eager to continue writing about project simplify and decided I needed a blogging change. I hope you don't mind.  I promise to be back and hopefully be more interesting than before.  I'm finding that blogging is a great mental release but only if I blog about what is really on my mind.  These days, it seems to be parenting my four year old.  As a spirited child, she provides constant challenges which seem easier to deal with if I can see the humor and creativity in her.  So stay tuned...I'll be back!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why you should be concerned about your hoarding 4 year old

Do you have a 4 year old who takes everything but the kitchen sink with her wherever she goes?  Or am I the only one?  Should I be concerned?
Bear heading to the park (5 houses away)

I know what you're thinking, "oh, she's so cute taking all her possessions to the park", but I can't get this image out of my head...

Homeless Woman 3 by Stacy Alexander

First, you have to understand the randomness of her possessions.  A bucket to gather berries and stones to build an ant home.  An umbrella because the sun on a 77 degree night is just too hot for my always cold child.  Her dog purse which she unlatches half way there to see if it will walk like a dog and proceeds to get mad when it doesn't. A satchel style bag to put all the BBs she finds on the ground. And the dress.  She wears that dress EVERY day!!  I thought I hid it well from the mornings wash but nooooo, she found it in MY room.  We bought it last month and it is now stained and the hem is falling.  But, it is her favorite dress.  She must wear it to the park because what else would you climb a tree and build an ant's home in?

I love my 4 year old to pieces but please Bear, wear some shorts under that dress and leave a few things home next time.  Did I mention it took 20 minutes to walk past the five houses to the park with all her stuff?
Anyone else have a hoarder at home?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Smoothie revised

Dr. Oz's drink is great in theory but I really don't have that much time in the morning so let's give this recipe from a try. I love all her snack ideas for the summer amd this drink looks very do-able!

Green Smoothie Recipe

(1 serving)
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 cup kale
1/2 banana
1 cup water
Tear kale leaves off of stems and tear into small shapes. Put berries, kale, 1/2 banana, and water into a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Project Simplify-Diet-menu

Well, we did fairly well over the weekend and really enjoyed our produce.  Tonight though, the lack of sleep from a teething baby got to me and I made chocolate chip cookies.  As my husband says, go for the 80/20 rule.  As long as 80% of what you eat is healthy, your doing good.

I had high hopes of having every single meal and snack planned for the next week.  Wow, was that tough!  I originally planned on having power smoothies every morning for breakfast; however, my children refuse to drink them so I guess I have to feed them something.  I'm going to "fly by the seat of my pants" for breakfast and follow this menu for the rest:

Snack #1: Zucchini bread (substitute chocolate chip cookies since I didn't make the bread yet)
Lunch: 1/2 PBJ sandwich, strawberries and apples
Snack #2: ants on a log (cream cheese on celery with chocolate chips-my kids hate raisins)
Dinner: Rooster's pick: Spag noodles with parmesan cheese, bananas, carrots and broccoli
Bed snack; yogurt

Snack: Banana and spoonful of peanut butter
Lunch: Hormel ham slice, string cheese, apples
Snack: Zucchini bread
Dinner: Bear's choice: Whole foods grilled chicken sausage with pineapple, celery and cauliflower
Bed snack: cereal

Snack: Sweet potato bread
Lunch: Gluten Free Cin Raisin bread, butter, applesauce, kiwi
Snack: Ant's on a log
Dinner: Grilled chicken, asparagus, squash, apples
Bed snack: yogurt

Snack: apple slices with peanut butter
Lunch: Zucchini bread, red pepper strips, pineapple
Snack: Pears, crackers
Dinner: Grilled steaks, grilled potato fries, salad, banana
Bed snack: cereal

Snack: yogurt
Lunch: 1/2 PBJ, apples
Snack: sweet potato bread
Dinner: chicken and veggie kabobs, strawberries, rice
Snack: shredded cheese and crackers

Breakfast: carrot pancakes, eggs, and bacon
Snack: Won't need after that breakfast!
Lunch: Surprise muffins, watermelon
Snack: yogurt
Dinner: Buffalo hamburgers, sweet potato fries, broccoli, fruit
Bed snack: crackers

Let me know what you think!  Suggestions?  Changes you would make?  Do need any recipes from this list?

Friday, June 3, 2011

The not so juicy juicer

In my last post, I talked about our love for our new juicer.  I went a little crazy on produce during my last grocery trip, although I did stay in budget.

I have to say we are now a little disappointed in our juicer.  I love the juice but all the wasted pulp, the expense of produce and the amount of juice extracted has caused us to reconsider.  It did not juice our spinach, parsley and kale very good at all.  My kids (aside from Beaner) did not like the apple carrot juice I made.  They loved the carrot juice pancakes but I can do that with purees.  We believe if we are going to juice, we need to spend a little more money on a juicer.  Since we are not willing to do that at this point in time, I've decided to start making Dr. Oz's drink in the morning.  Much easier. Cheaper. Quicker clean up.  Here it is.

2 cups spinach
2 cups cucumber
1 head of celery
1/2 inch or teaspoon ginger root
1 bunch parsley
2 apples
Juice of 1 lime
Juice of 1/2 lemon

Combine all ingredients in a blender. This makes approximately 28-30 ounces, or 3-4 servings.

My menu for next week is almost done so I will post that soon.  Anyone else going to give Dr. Oz's drink a try?