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Saturday, December 31, 2011

21 Day Transformation

Tomorrow marks the first day of 2012.  For some reason the transition to a new year seems to invite change and this year I'm more excited than ever to get started.  My husband recently introduced me to a blog called Mark's Daily Apple.  At first I was skeptical about Mark Sisson's paleo talk.  Eat like our ancestors and live better.  I thought of it as the latest trend and maybe it is.  But the more I read about living a paleo lifestyle, the more I realize that it makes complete sense for me and my family.  Let me explain why.

After the birth of my little Beaner, the weight shed off like a dog losing his winter coat (yes, you can hate me).  Nursing her for as long as we have (and continue to do) has allowed me to maintain the perfect weight for my size (yes, I can hear your sighs).  Despite being this perfect weight, I am plagued every day by a lack of energy, poor muscle endurance and cravings for carb infested foods.  This has made me realize that weight means nothing if your body is in poor shape.  I don't have the energy to play with my kids like I want to. I don't have the energy to exercise and I don't have the energy to foster the important relationships in my life. Something has to change.  Living a Paleo lifestyle isn't just about the foods you eat, it is also about nurturing the environment you live in and exercising your body in the way our ancestors did.  Mark Sisson has a book called the 21 Day Transformation which directs you in making changes to your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle.  I could write on and on about what a Paleo lifestyle means but I'd rather you check back with me as I take this journey over the next 21 days.

Over the next 21 days, I plan to eat a minumum of 80% Paleo which is recommended.  As this is not a restriction diet, that 20% allows you to be flexible in making this transition. I hope I can be 100% but I will aim for 80 so as to not risk failure.  As for my family, I plan to work on transitioning the children to this diet with some changes.  My Rooster only likes carbs and sugars. It does not work well for him.  He has poor energy and other problems from this diet.  I plan to switch his diet to Gluten and Casein free while working toward Paleo.  Generally when a family makes this change, the children are forced to as well because that is the only food around.  I plan to stop buying all those non whole food items that are terrorizing his little system.  Meanwhile though, I need to make sure he still gets food.  This will be my greatest challenge.  My girls are much easier eaters and the baby Beaner prefers Paleo foods already.  If you have read some of my previous posts, you might realize that my Rooster has a strong food aversion making this transition even more difficult.  My sister in law turned me onto the notion that certain kids can crave foods that they are allergic or sensitive to.  I believe that Rooster is sensitive to gluten and sugar and therefore craves it even more.  Just my theory.

So these are my goals for the kiddos.  During this 21 day challenge, I would like Rooster to eat one vegetable and two fruits that aren't disguised in his food.  Right now apples are the only produce he will eat so this will be tough!  For the girls, I would like them to add two additional vegetables to their current list and make sure they eat a vegetable for every lunch and dinner.  I would like any other foods to be Gluten and Casein free.

I start my challenge on Monday (Jan. 2nd) so check back for updates.  In the meantime, I made my kids a Paleo breakfast this morning and was beyond ecstatic when my Rooster ate an entire coconut flour pancake packed full of protein and fiber along with some bacon.   Bear only had a banana but she isn't a morning person.  My Beaner prefers eggs and wouldn't try the Paleo pancakes which is fine with me.  Successful meal in my book!

So tell me what you think about this Paleo change?  Aren't these cute faces worth a healthy lifestyle?

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