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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blog Directional Change

So several months ago, like back in August, I decided to change the direction of my blog.  I wanted to write about something I am passionate about but also something that might help others.  Like most moms, I am passionate about my children and helping them grow to their fullest potential.  Since choosing to become a stay at home mom, I have often felt that I was failing at this.  Through the help of a wonderful professional, I have learned that I was not the one failing, rather it was their little bodies that were not working to their fullest potentials.  That led me to learning about my newest passion.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a neurological disorder that manifests with difficulties in processing the sensory information that our body takes in every day.  Consequently, the body's response to sensory information becomes problematic for that person.  Both Brayden and Teagan have SPD and it is my passion and mission to help them be the sensational children that they are every day.

My new blog direction will focus around the trials and tribulations of living with this disorder. I believe that if we had known more about this when they were younger, we would have clearly seen the signs and given them earlier intervention.  I want other moms to learn from this and know the signs and symptoms of this disorder.  I also want to be a support for other parents going through this journey with me.  Children with SPD can be incredibly difficult to parent but also incredibly remarkable in their way of navigating life's challenges.

My initial plan was to go into a complete history of each of my kids to show where this possibly began.  I've decided that is a task to huge to accomplish and it is more important for me to write and process what is going on with them now rather than in the past.  So if you decide to follow this journey, you will learn tools for dealing with my kids and other children with SPD when they struggle but also the fun they have when attempting to cope with this disorder.

So whose with me on this journey?


Lyndsey said...

Me! Go Stacey! ;)

Emmiegram said...

Me too!!! I've always enjoyed your writing Stacey, and am looking forward to reading about this unknown (to me) condition. I've grown fond of your family through the things you've written about them, and am looking forwarding to meeting them.

Stacey Murphy said...

Thanks Ladies!