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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another take on why your child doesn't sleep well

Check out my little buddy here.

What you might not know by looking at this picture is that there are about 20 stuffed animals piled on top of him under his blanket.  This is how he sleeps every night.  Anyone else's child do this?    Let's look at why.

In children with sensory processing disorder (SPD), proprioceptive dysfunction is very common.  The proprioceptive system is the components of muscles, joints, and tendons that provide a person with an awareness of their body position.  This is really one of the heart breaking areas of SPD for me.  In my Teagan, she runs into thing, trips and falls, and generally looks clumsy.  In Brayden, he is so cautious that you see him move really slowly around people and objects along with looking clumsy most of the time.  He also likes tight clothes, hugs, and anything that can make him feel his body more.

So back to the stuffed animals.  When your proprioceptive is not working properly, it can really make sleeping difficult.  Once the lights are out and these kids are tucked in their beds, it can be very hard for them to feel their legs in relation to the space around them.  Imagine how scary it is for a child to be laying in the dark thinking they lost their legs!  So these kids often want piles of blankets and animals on them so they can feel their bodies.

If this is your child, I have the solution for you! You can fork out $50 to $100 and buy a weighted blanket or if you want to save those dollars, you can use this tutorial for making your own weighted blanket.

I made one last night for my Brayden and he loves it!  In fact he hasn't taken it off his lap and slept really well with it last night.  I plan to make two more for my other kids today. So if your child is having trouble sleeping, give it a try.  It will be the best $12 you ever spent!

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