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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Dinosaur Tale by Brayden

Recently, Brayden's homebound teacher asked that he write a story.  His assignment for the week was to come up with the characters and the story's problem.  I know it takes him a long time to develop a thought but after 20 minutes of trying to get him to name a few characters I about gave up.  Then he started to twitch, grab his neck and follow a series of other compulsions and tics before spewing out this entire story.  He apparently had to develop the whole story before he could name his characters.  I thought it was really sweet and wanted to share.  Here it is...

"Once upon a time, a Triceratops and a T-rex had a picnic.  The T-rex brought meat and the Triceratops brought plants.  They wanted to share their food but they ate different foods.

The next day, they both were searching for a friend who ate both things so they could share.  They kept looking everywhere.  Then they found a dragonfly and they wondered if it ate both things.  The dragonfly just flied away.

They were in the forest and they saw something run up a hill so they ran after it to see what it was.  They saw a dinosaur that had a long neck, was kind of small, with legs that could move fast.  It was a Gallimimus!

The T-rex and the Triceratops said, "What do you eat?"  The Gallimimus said, "I eat plants and meat."  Then they asked the Gallimimus if he would like to have a picnic with them.  The Gallimumus said, "yes".  Then they all got to share their food.  The End."

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