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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

World Fair

So we decided to meet monthly with two other homeschooling families to have the kids present information on specific countries.  September was Africa and we focused on the country of Ethiopia.  I think mom learned just as much as kids.  Brayden and Teagan helped make a poster board presentation that included a hut, food samples, entertainment, work and a map.  I was so incredibly proud of Brayden.  When it was his turn, he took the floor without hesitation and explained what everything on his board was.  He took his time and showed no shyness at all despite their being two parents and four other kids.  I almost cried!
Well we have started using a new source, Learning Path which has increased our daily agenda quite a bit.  Brayden is mastering things much quicker than anticipated and he keeps me on my toes.  This week we are focusing on England as our next World Fair is next week.  We are working on clapping syllables, letter sounds and site words.  We will be making a book for Brayden to practice reading.  We have also started talking about our bodies and making collages about ourselves.  We hope to make some "guts" as they call it later in the week. 

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