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Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010-brief update

It was an eventful week in the Murphy household.  Grandpa arrived on Sunday and has been with us all week.  It is nice to see the kids develop a relationship with my dad.  I have found it a bit harder to homeschool with someone else in the house so we didn't have a particularly productive week.  Wed was Teagan's birthday so it was hard to get any focus from them.  After her party, Ellie came down with a stomach virus so we took Thursday off.  We tried to make up for it Friday but we were all pretty exhausted.  Next week, we will continue our study of Africa with focus on Ethiopia. Our neighbor just adopted a beautiful baby from this country so we are eager to explore their culture.  On Thursday, we will meet with two other homeschoolers and have an African lunch/teach gathering before we all head to co-op.  The kids will need to bring some Ethiopian cuisine for this lunch.  Next week we will turn our writing focus to our names.  Rather than specific letters, they will work on their full names all week.  We will continue site words as the kids did great with this last week.  In science, we will begin talking about fall and the changes going on around us.  Last week, our bird feeders were stolen by the squirrels so we may try them again.  In math, we will work on measurements and coins.  For gym, we are going to return to soccer to keep it fresh in our minds.  I haven't worked out lesson plans yet so who knows what else we'll learn, but that is the fun of homeschooling...

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