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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creative Juices

One day I was creative and then one day I was not.  What happened? I know what did it.  Responsibilities, lifestyle changes, expectations, stress, etc.   Our minds become so clouded with our day to day chores and responsibilities that it can be hard to keep those creative juices flowing.  Then steps in a six-year-old.  This age totally amazes me. Not only are they competent but they are creative.
Rooster loves to make books.  He makes a new one every day about whatever is on his mind.  The other day, it was how a pumpkins grows. The day before that it was the Beaner's favorite things.  This past month me and Rooster decided we were going to start making books together.  Our first one, about a boy who doesn't want to go to school, should be done soon and placed on Amazon for purchase.  How exciting!
So today Rooster comes up to me and says "can we write a book about Nothing?"  Brilliant my little buddy.  One of the greatest television shows of all time is about Nothing.  So that is our next book.  Shortly after that,  his creative little juices surfaced again.
We had been given playdoh to make as a birthday party favor (another brilliant idea from a great mom).  I made 3 different colors.  After Rooster was done playing with it he wanted to store it.  His sister gladly smooshed all three of hers into the ziploc baggy I provided but not my Rooster.  He didn't want his colors to mix.   I refused to waste 3 bags and told him to just set them in and be careful.  Not good enough.  His creative juices told him to staple down 3 columns in his bag thereby creating pockets for his playdoh!  Why didn't I think of that?  Because I was too busy worrying about the muffins to make for school tomorrow, changing a diaper, clipping coupons, cleaning up playdoh, etc.  To be 6 again with such great ideas!  Here's a picture of the playdoh.  What do you think?


Kim said...

awwww how awesome!!! Congrats on your books and I think thats a great should send that in to Ziploc!!! :-) I see lots of uses for that!!!!

Kim said...

ps...would love to hear about the playdoh party favor as well....sounds cool!!! thanks for always sharing!