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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daylight Savings

Tomorrow we fall back an hour.  Or do we?  I have yet to hear a single reminder about this event.  One of those things that you know is true but want validated.  Anyway, who out there has trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings with their kiddos?  Call us lucky but we rarely struggle with this.  A bit in the Spring but definitely not in the Fall.  On school nights our kids go to be at 7 and are out by 8.  On weekends, maybe 7:30. So we thought we'd let them play until 8-8:30 tonight. Well that backfired as it was after 9pm by the time they were all asleep.  I do believe though that tomorrow they will sleep in a bit and be totally adjusted!  In the Spring time, we just make sure to wear them out extra hard for two days and they usually do fine with the earlier bed time. So what do you do to make this transition?

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