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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Outdoor plans

I know I know, I haven't been around for a few weeks and for that I apologize. I think I have been totally overwhelmed with all the challenges parenting can bring.  My mind has been spinning with ideas for what positive changes our household needs to make in the next few months.  One of those ideas is really getting some good use out of our large backyard.  Last summer I told you about our new sandbox.  It hasn't really gotten the use we hoped mainly because the sand is quite messy.  My new outlook is, let's get messy.  Here they are having a blast because I agreed to let them fill it with water.

We recently added some stepping stones over by our big apple tree.  They are great for developing balance, agility, and coordination.  They are also great to sit on while you eat your popsicle.  My husband strategically placed them to make it easier for the kids to climb the tree.  You can see Rooster perched happily up there.

We also added a tether ball to work on hand/eye coordination and upper body strength.  I think me and the hubby may be enjoying it more than the kids.  You can see it way in the background of this picture.

This appears to just be the first steps in revamping our backyard.  Right now I'm working on deciding the how and where of a mud kitchen.  Won't that be fun for the summer?  I bet you can't wait to come play!

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Jennifer said...

I love your post about the sandbox. My husband also built a sandbox for the boys last summer. They have had endless hours of free play. But, where do they like do dig the very most? In our unplanted garden! Apparently the black soil is so much more appealing to boys. Kids will be kids. At least they are still getting unstructured time to be creative. Thanks for sharing.