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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whole 30 Update and Menu ideas

As you may recall, I began another Whole 30 meal plan (I hate the word diet) on April 1st and I thought I'd update you on my progress and show you some of my yummy creations.

My first week was very very hard!  My son had his 8th birthday and it was torture to bake and frost cupcakes for him but I did it without a lick.  That first week I lost 4 pounds!  I know most of that is water but it was so nice.  My body fat barely budged so I was disappointed with that.

I just finished week 2 and it has been much easier.  Me and my husband both agree we feel so much better eating a whole diet.  I lost 2 more pounds and my body fat percentage went down almost 2% so I was very excited with that progress.  The other benefit for me has been noticing all the times I finished my kids snacks or just had a small treat throughout the day.  It really adds up and I notice now that I can't have those things. Another benefit has been that Ellie now asks for carrots, cucumbers and apples for her snacks. She rarely eats junk because its not around during the day.

So I've taken a few pictures of some of our meals for you all to see.  I have to use my iTouch right now so I apologize about the quality but I think they still look yummy!

Here you have two ground pork burgers seasoned with cinnamon and salt.  At he advice of a dear friend, we placed them on top of a lightly grilled red pepper and that was outstanding. The greens are spinach and avocado.

Here you have two eggs over medium with sweet Italian sausage stir fried with orange, red peppers and asparagus.  A very tasty breakfast.

This is my quick go to lunch.  It really only takes about 10 minutes.  I stir fry a little chicken in coconut oil and then add tons of veggies with some coconut aminos.  Today, I added pecans and shredded coconut at the end and it was heavenly.

And last but not least is a simple delicious salad.  I have mixed greens, avocado, cucumbers, blueberries and bacon.  I topped it with some oil and vinegar.  It was really simple but delicious.

Hope this gave you some healthy ideas!


Fokken Dorothy said...

These look scrumptious. Where are you getting your recipes from? Love the breakfast idea as that seems to be the meal I can't get my arms around. Keep up the good work! Love you.

Stacey Murphy said...

I really just wing it for the most part. I get sauces if I use them from the Whole 30 book. Sometimes I'll have an idea in my head and then google it. I like Chowstalker. You get a variety of recipes from that site.