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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The end of my Whole 30 or is it?

As you may recall, it was almost 30 days ago that me and my husband began the Whole 30 journey together. In the beginning, it was really hard as I struggled with my cravings for comfort foods. Somewhere during week two though things turned around and I began to feel really good.  Our plan was to finish on April 30th and just continue to eat an 80% Primal diet with some cheat days.  We decided to end on April 27th so we could celebrate my husband's birthday.

Now my husband has a major sweet tooth at times but he also has good self discipline.  He decided awhile back that he was going "all out" on his birthday.  Personally, I didn't really feel like indulging in a bunch of junk but I agreed to his dinner request for pizza.  In addition, I sampled a few of the sweets he brought into the house on this "binge day".  Wow, we were both miserable and the sounds and smells coming from my husband were unpleasant to put it politely.  We both agreed that we enjoyed how wonderful we felt on the Whole 30 and with the exception of adding some organic dairy, we plan to continue.

Here are just a few of the benefits I encountered:
1. I lost 7 pounds all the while gaining muscle!
2. My hair changed.  It is really odd but the texture became very flowing and shiny.
3. My complexion cleared some
4. My bathroom schedule was very predictable (I know TMI)
5. I had close to zero stomach issues. My only issue was if I ate eggs every day
6. I never caught a single virus that my kids brought into the house (and they brought several)
7. I learned how often in the past I would just sample my kids foods or finish their plates when they were done.  All of this really added up as I fought off my temptations in doing so.
8. My toddler ate almost all Paleo foods and has no more stomach problems
9. I no longer felt the need to eat any more than four times per day. Previously I was hungry every 2-3 hours.
10.  I just felt wonderful!

So how can I not continue?  Me and my husband both agree that if we really crave something, like ice cream, we will do it only once per week on a work out day.  But the way I've been feeling, I doubt I'll be craving much!

So I'll leave you with a few more pictures of some meals I made.

This was a quick and simple lunch.  I stir fried the chicken with coconut oil and fresh pineapple. I baked the sweet potatoes with cinnamon and coconut oil and the broccoli was just steamed.

This was grilled chicken with BBQ sauce (homemade), grilled zucchini and pan fried basa.  We weren't sure we would like the basa but we loved it!  I just breaded it with almond flour, italian seasoning and salt.  I dipped the pieces in egg, flour and then pan fried them in oil.  It was fabulous!

I think I woke up extra hungry this day.  I fried some eggs in the bacon grease and then the zucchini, mushrooms and turnips in the remaining grease.  It was really good.

So there you have it!  Today is the day after our little binge fest and I am so happy to be eating healthy again!

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