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Friday, September 10, 2010

The beginning of BTE Homeschool

I decided to begin a blog on our homeschooling days for several reasons.  I wanted a record of the work we completed for not only the district, but for my children.  I also wanted to share our experience with those interested and hopefully receive some useful comments to help us learn and grow.  So if your here to learn about homeschooling or follow our adventure, we welcome you on this most exciting journey.

Our first week began following the Labor Day holiday.  Growing up in Michigan, this always signaled that summer was over and school was ready to begin.  I just couldn't conform to the Lexington start date of early August, to me, that was still summer time.  One week prior, Brayden and Teagan began attending BRICC, a co-op for homeschoolers.  We talked in depth about school and how we would be attending school at home.  Brayden was so excited for school to start and quickly acknowledged that I was his teacher and his house was his school. 

Our first week was quite a challenge.  I had carefully created lesson plans utilizing various books, Internet searches, and local school activities.  What I didn't anticipate was that we would complete my whole weeks worth of plans in one day!  Brayden was a sponge for anything I put before him.  Initially, Teagan followed his lead but she quickly became bored when we left the singing, work sheets and soccer for more serious discussions on recycling, the bible, and computers. 

Now that our first week is over, I've learned quite a bit and am changing my curriculum.  Next week, we will buckle down on letter recognition, writing, and letter sounds.  We will also begin to explore Africa by learning what toys kids play with, what they eat, and the wonderous African Savanah.  We will continue to read our children's bible each day and learn more about the sign of the cross.  There will be plenty of books to read, especially after our weekly trip to the library.  We also plan to do a few lessons on friendship especially with all the new friends they have been making through Co-op, and our two play groups.  I haven't decided what direction to take with Science, Art and PE yet, but I'm sure they will continue to be the highlight of the week!

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3213 said...

Stacey: You write well, and I have no doubt that your experiences and commentaries will be interesting. Thanks for doing this. Judy