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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 2-Tuesday

Well, today didn't quite go as planned due to doctor appointments; however, we tried to make the best of it and worked on our numbers in the elevator.  We talked about how the ear functions while waiting for the ENT to arrive and looked at the insides of a human which the kids love to refer to as "guts."  Yesterday was great as we dived into our lesson on Africa.  Brayden made a great picture of a desert with road runners while Teagan's looked more like a mirage.  Later this week, we will explore the toys made in Africa by tribes and some pretty gross looking mush for food.  Brayden really wants to learn more about Anacondas so we will be exploring that in science class.  The kids have already shown some progress with their writing but I think I'm going to push them even more with that.  Tomorrow, they will become sketch artists as we sit outside and draw our house.  The important lesson being memorizing their address.  Brayden has really  become good at soccer and often scores.  He waits until Teagan gets ready and then uses that opportunity.  This has given him confidence and he now wants to play soccer with other kids.  We are looking for a team but appear to be a few weeks too late so maybe in the spring.  Next week we will probably move on to a winter sport to see if we can get him interested in that.
I still feel like I'm not quite organized and I'm not sure how these kindergarten teachers do it!

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