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Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's get high!

Ok, now if your thinking I'm handing out some weed here, I'm sorry to disappoint you! I'm hoping we can get high together but I'm talking about a natural high here.  Many years ago, I worked as a substance abuse therapist and since my clients "got high" in part because it felt good, I found it important to show them there are natural ways to feel "high".  The nice part about these "highs" are that you won't have a hangover afterward, the police won't be raiding your house and social services won't take your children in the middle of the night.  After a long week of sick children, I felt I would share some of my ways to obtain a natural high. Something I definitely need right now. There are too many to list so here are a few of my favorites. Perhaps you have some you can share?

a hot shower
clean sheets
a baby's first laugh
the first sip of an ice cold beverage
orgasms (yes, I said it!)
a visit to my hair salon
laughing so hard you cry
the first bite of a warm chocolate chip cookie
opening the windows on the first warm day of the new year
children on xmas morning
when your child learns something new that you taught them
falling in love
hearing "I love you" for the first time (child or lover)
receiving flowers for no reason
the fresh smell of your clean house
getting random money in the mail
scoring a great bargain at the store
warm towel from the dryer after a shower/bath (I love to surprise my hubby or kids with this one)

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