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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A perspective on aging

Tomorrow I turn 40. There. I said it.  I'm turning 40.  How the heck did that happen?  Last I knew, I was buying my first bottle of liquor as a 21-year-old!

This birthday is a little different for me than others.  For some reason, the age of 40 signifies a new stage in life.  In some cases, your life may be half over, but I like to think that mine is just beginning.  I consider myself a late bloomer in life.  I put my career first and had a grand ole time doing it!  The one thing I have wanted more than anything in life is a family.  In fact, my success in life is determined by my family and frankly, in my 30's, I felt like I was failing.  Sure, I met my wonderful husband, and had two great children.  It was not until our third little angel came long that we finally "got it".  This thing called living. I think we finally got it. 

So now I begin my life at 40 as if I was just born.  I am home taking care of my children as I was meant to do.  I gave birth last year to a beautiful baby girl who I continue to nourish with my aging body every day.  If this doesn't keep one young I don't know what does.  I finally have a family marked by traditions, love, comfort, and joy.  I have great plans for this aging body this year, challenging my body and soul to it's max.  So I will take all the fun loving jokes of being over the hill as a dose of medicinal laughter and begin my new wonderful life at 40.  Today, I feel younger than I ever did in my 30's, I choose to begin this stage with renewed energy.  That is just my perspective on aging.

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3213 said...

That's just beautiful, Stacey. I love reading about the peace you've found within yourself, and the joy and happiness you experience with your family.
Have a GREAT birthday, my Aquarian friend!!! Judy