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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Murphy 30 day challenge!

Many of you may already know that clutter in your home can lead to increased stress, marital discord and financial strife.  If you think about it, everything you put in your home has a price to buy and maintain.  The time you take to maintain these "things" takes away time from your family and adds to your daily stressors.  Even more importantly, it is very hard to function at your optimal level in clutter!  Therefore, ideally, everything in your home should have a spot where it belongs and a purpose in your everyday living.

The Murphy's are beginning a 30 day challenge this Friday to de-clutter their home!  For the next 30 days, we will have 3 containers living with us.  They will be labeled DONATIONS, SELL, TRASH.  For every item we do not use and do not need, it will go in one of these boxes.  We will have no over night guests, very few weekend activities and lots of decluttering!  Our goal is to complete this by March 20th with renewed energy in our home.  So join us on this journey.  Set up your boxes, organize and purge those toys and let go of all those things weighing your family down!

If you have any decluttering tips, please post them here!

1 comment:

Emmiegram said...

That's a GREAT idea, Stacey. No doubt it will lead to a less cluttered living space, and less stress. Thanks for sharing.