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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bear again...

I woke up this morning only to realize I'm still 4 years old.  When will my birthday come?  Mommy says it is still a few months away.  Few only means three so I thought it would be here by now.  I'm so excited for my birthday list this year.  Today while at the grocery store I told daddy I wanted all the colors of suckers and lollipops.  He likes to tell me "no, you can have that" but then I remind him that I want it for my birthday.  That makes it ok.  The last day, I saw plastic grapes at Hobby Lobby that I just have to have.  Mommy said "no, they collect dust" but then I reminded her that I wanted them for my birthday. That made it ok.  I also picked out a beautiful piece of fabric and plastic flowers.  I hope she is writing all this down.  When we went to Target, I saw a Backyardigans DVD and was so excited.  Mommy told me I have too many videos but then I reminded her it was for my birthday.  She said that was ok. I love that I will get everything I see every day for my birthday.  Now, if those few months would just hurry up.  In the meantime, I will have to help mommy around the house so she thinks I'm extra good for my special day.  Last day, she took all my books away (apparently I'm not suppose to throw them).  She put them on the book shelf in our play room.

I know exactly what your thinking!  That looks horribly boring doesn't it?  Well, I fixed it for her while she messed up my room again.  Isn't this better?

While I decorated the play room again, my mommy took all my stuff from my room again!

She appears to be detecting my newest way of getting materials for my room.  When my brother goes to the bathroom, I run into his room, grab what I want, and hide it in my room.  He gets so mad when something is missing and I can't help but laugh.  Mommy caught me once, told me I was sneaky and then decided my room needed cleaning again.  I'm so misunderstood, I think mommy is the sneaky one for catching me.  Wouldn't you agree?

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