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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Days 4-6- 21 day transformation

Day 4: On this day your suppose to eat when hungry and stop when full, rather than an empty plate.  Like many people in my generation, I was always told to finish my plate.  Through the years I have learned to take smaller portions and go for seconds if I want more.  So on this day, I tried to eat smaller portions and only when hungry and it went pretty well.  I also did the primal workout routine with the Beaner and we both had fun doing it.

Day 5: On this day, Sisson suggests dining out for a meal and seeing how well you stay primal aligned.  We ordered carry out on Day 6 instead and it was tough. We ordered Asian from our favorite Asian restaurant but it definitely wasn't primal aligned. Even the side of extra veggies I ordered came covered in some mystery sauce.  On Day 7 you get to eat a non primal food so I counted this as that.  Your suppose to note how you feel after eating it.  Frankly, my stomach hurt but I was full much longer.

Day 6: We had a great exercise this day.  It was suppose to be the primal feast so as noted above, we ordered out.  It was a beautiful day so we ran outside with the kids for hours in addition to a trip to the gym.  Victory day for me.

Day 7: Today was suppose to be an anything goes type of day to see how you feel.  Since we did the Asian food last night, I stuck to primal foods today.

So at this point, I want to be honest. I feel like I'm on a diet which is not how it is suppose to feel. It seems that you have to cook every meal and I just don't have time to cook all day long. I often feel hungry and struggle with what to eat.  I do want to finish the 21 days as I think it will get rid of my constant carb cravings but so far, I still have those strong cravings.  I also have very little energy which was my main purpose for doing this challenge. So let's hope the energy surge begins soon!

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