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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Days 8-10

Day 8, which was Monday, encourages you to take a No Label challenge. This means avoiding any foods that have a label on them.  I actually found this incredibly easy as I have struggled to find any prepackaged primal foods.  I made more primal muffins and actually made my own almond flour this time and the rest of the ingredients were bulk or produce.  Your also suppose to try to go barefoot today.  This was also easy for me as I do that often anyway.  I also have some nice new Merrell glove shoes that are very close to being barefoot.  I managed to get outside some today but still lacking in the exercise discipline.

Day 9: On this day, your suppose to track your macronutrient intake.  I for one am not a tracker. If I have to think that hard about what I eat all day, it drives me crazy.  That is why I just don't do diets.  So I didn't complete this exercise although I thought it would be interesting.  I also decided on this date I was going to take the 20% non-primal indulgence that Sisson talks about.  I've been so drained and hungry that I really can't continue this way.  My kids had a school function at Gattitown.  I did well with a huge salad and soup but also took a few nibbles of pizza.  Earlier in the I ate a homemade chocolate chip cookie that I had made for the kids. Actually I ate two.  Honestly?  Well, three.  Actually who counted?

Day 10: I am actually feeling a bit better now that I gave myself that 20%.  I had two bites of the Beaner's Gluten free oatmeal, Pankos in the meatloaf, and a few crackers.  Sisson recommends slowing down your eating today which is really hard to do when a one year old is fighting for every bite of your eggs.  It doesn't matter how many I scramble, that kid can eat them!  Me and the Beaner did some Wii Nickelodean Fit today which was fun!  Tomorrow I'm suppose to create a primal recipe.  Since I haven't decided what to make for dinner yet, I might have to get creative.  I'll let you know!

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