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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Outerbanks - The arrival

We woke up early Sunday morning with an eagerness only experienced when one faces a new adventure.

Our car was packed to the brim with jugs of water, bundles of firewood, groceries and of course three excited children.  The 30 minute drive to the ferry felt more like a trip to a corner gas station after the previous day 10 hour drive.

The Davis Ferry is a locally owned family business boasting with warm hospitality, Southern drawls, and ocean vibe.  Inside we were greeted by a beautiful retriever mix and two fur ball cats that quickly earned the affection of our kids.

We waited as the receptionist finished her phone call.  Apparently a mother, son and dog wanted off the island immediately after the previous nights storm ruined their first night on the island.  I remember thinking to myself "Seriously? One night? They must be first time campers."  I quickly learned the error in my judgement.  I was just so excited for our five night/six day venture despite the predicted "scattered" showers.  I have never been one to fear a little rain...

After the formalities, our Pilot was loaded on the ferry with another couple and their one year old daughter.

As prior visitors to the island, we quickly engaged in conversation which flowed easily for the duration of the boat ride.  They gave us many tips and advice that was greatly appreciated.  Midway through our conversations, we learned that the husband, an orthopedic surgeon, and the wife, a child psychiatrist, took this trip each year, although this was their first with their child.  Based on their advice, we decided we didn't need to deflate our tires like the park authorities had suggested.  Interestingly enough, they later got stuck in the dunes and had to deflate their tires, while we navigated the beaches without much trouble.

It was a beautiful sunny ride to the island with dolphins jumping in the wide open ocean waters.  Our excitement increased as we neared the land and saw the sprawling beach we were about to drive on.  We stopped immediately upon driving off the boat and Brayden quickly found his favorite shell.  He immediately saw it for the cool mask it has become.

So here we were!  Off on a long peaceful drive down the beach to find our home for the week.  Stay tuned as I tell you more about our eventful first day!

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