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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Outerbanks - Previously undisclosed photos!

I thought I would wrap up my Outerbanks series with some photos that I didn't include in previous posts.  If you enjoyed this series and know of someone you want to share it with, please do!  I enjoy seeing my audience expand. Most recently I reached China!  You just never know who is reading.

Anyway, let's start with a close up of what the fisherman brought in.  We think this is yellow fin tuna but feel free to correct me if you know your fish.

A close up of an exhausted Ellie.

Brayden thought he was such a comedian taking this picture.  You know kids, they are all about saying the word "butt"

Approaching the island.

This little creature stole our heart. He washed up on the shore determined to make it to land. We desperately wanted to help him but we could tell there was nothing we could do.  We frequently went to visit him and would comfort him with talk. He seemed to like hearing our voices.  He only lived for about 24 hours.

Closer view of the hermit crab. They look nothing like the ones at the mall.

Here is a very majestic looking crane.

The view of our camp site while standing in the ocean.

Teagan was such a happy girl on the beach,

Brayden was always in deep thought and

Ellie thought it was a big playground.

The beach can be an eerie place to be at night.

Our camera did not do the beauty of the island justice.

Someone was sad to be leaving the island.

"Look mom a whale!"  "No dear, that is just a log"

There was plenty of fun to be had off the island.

And a beautiful drive home

This vacation definitely left a lasting footprint on all of us.