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Monday, September 12, 2011

How to catch a squirrel...a 6 yr old's tutorial

I just love age six. They are so creative, so determined and so capable. Rooster, my six year old just loves to create traps for anything that moves.  He has tape sticky side up across a piece of food in his room to catch a fly, a fake pond in the backyard to catch a frog and now a squirrel trap.
Ever wondered how to catch a squirrel?  Well, according to a six year old, you start by collecting a bucket full of acorns.

Then use that same bucket for your trap by propping it up with a stick over the acorns.

Then draw some pictures of squirrels, cut them out, and use your mother's wooden clips to secure them to the ground.

Then wait... and hopefully, you'll catch a squirrel! Here is another view of the whole set up.

Don't you just love the creativity and imagination?  I wonder what he'll try to catch next?

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