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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reflecting on the Invisible Mother

A mother I love and respect recently posted an article called the Invisible Mother on facebook.
This was such a thought provoking article in many ways.  It really caused me to think about how I raise my children now as the pillars for the rest of their life.  It also struck me just given the state of our household right now.  We have the dreaded stomach virus taking over our house.  I never really knew how strong a maternal instinct was until the first time I dealt with a sick child. You just want them better and they expect that you will do that for them.  But what happens when the invisible mother becomes ill?  Suddenly, the things she does every day becomes very visible.  Babies melt down crying for their mother's hand, and the house starts collecting all those things mother used to put away.  Sometimes I think we get ill just so we will slow down in life and take inventory of what is really important to us.  I know for me, I'm ready to get back to being the invisible mother next week and building that important foundation for my kids.
Did anyone else read this article?  Thoughts?

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