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Saturday, May 12, 2012

21 day end

Well, I have finished the 21 day transformation exercise portion thereby completing Sisson's book. It has really given me some clarity as to what exercise to focus on and I'm starting to see muscles bulging from where the fat likes to hide them (please try not to visualize this). So what is next?

We are continuing to work on Teagan. We are so proud of her good choices lately but sometimes she struggles with what is good and what is convenient.  Hopefully overtime I can find some easier snacks for her that she loves other than fruit.  A few we have recently used include cashews, pepperoni (nitrate free), and broccoli.  Odd I know, the kid likes broccoli as a snack.  I have noticed that she is no longer feeding off of Brayden's gagging from food but we have also taken the focus off of him at meals and put it on her.  Since she is a performer of life, she enjoys this spotlight and will devour a chicken leg just to see our smiles.

Ellie loves her big sister and tries to copy whatever she does. We are trying to show Teagan how it is important to be a good big sister so Ellie continues to make healthy choices.  I'm amazed at how Ellie's palate has grown since going primal. She now loves more vegetables then ever before and I think it is because she sees them at EVERY meal.

As for me, I'm going to continual my primal eating and exercises.  I have set a target date as July 1st for revealing a before and after photo.  Aren't you excited???

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