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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 17 - paleo

Well, my fast went great. I lasted 14 hours without any problems.  The odd thing that happened to me though was yesterday.  I suddenly crashed.  In part, I was sleep deprived compliments of my almost 2 year old.  My husband however believes that we occasionally need to reload our carbs.  He does a carb reload weekly.   I believe the thinking out there is that if you continually keep your carbs low, your body will adapt to that and you will no longer burn fat as easily.  If you occasionally "reload", then your body doesn't get used to the low carb count.  I plan to continue looking into that.

So yesterday, I did a cheat day and carb reload.  I ate a bunch of no paleo stuff all day.  It helped me get through the day but by 8pm, my stomach was killing me!  It just reminded me of how I really didn't want to eat that way.  Another interesting thing that happened was that no matter how much I ate, I was continually hungry. Every carb that went into me made me crave more of them.  My carb craving had been very low for the past few weeks to this was fairly eye opening for me.

Well, today is day 17.  I did a great work out.  There are only 4 more days left in this challenge but when it ends, my life will continue much the same.  Why change what works?

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