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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paleo update

We had a fantastic weekend here with beautiful weather.  I've been following the workouts and although I missed a day, I'm now caught up.  They seem to really be a rotation between the Primal Essential Movements, aerobics, and intense workouts.  Tomorrow is another intense day.  Tonight my challenge is to stop eating by 7 and see how long I can go tomorrow until I feel definite hunger.  The funny thing is that today, I only ate an apple in the morning and then lunch at 1pm.  I just wasn't hungry.  That was a first for me and a very nice feeling.  I was suppose to track nutrients again today but I totally forgot so I'll postpone that for a later date.

On another note, I ordered the book Eat Like a Dinosaur written by the Paleo Parents.  It is actually more of a Gluten free, dairy free book but they are paleo so it gives information about transforming your kids.  Their kids are a bit younger than mine and I really don't feel their approach is appropriate for my older two but I loved the story inside the book that you read to your child.  I read it to my older two this weekend and I could see the wheels spinning in my 5 year old's mind.  I then decided to eliminate gluten from her diet for the weekend.  We have been at our wits end with her lately and I figured it couldn't hurt.

I am pleased to say, she was a different child this weekend!  She needed very little correction and she controlled herself all weekend.  Tonight, she begged for toast with jelly for her snack.  I gave it to her but explained that it was not what a dinosaur would eat.  Shortly after that, she was back to her out of control self.  I couldn't believe it.  I took her aside and asked her to think about what she ate and how she was now showing poor behavior after such a great weekend.  I was planning to transition her June 1st but I think I'm going to stick with gluten elimination and see how our week goes.  I'm so excited for her to possibly have a solution to her attention problems.

Also this weekend, my husband finished building a playscape for the kids in the backyard.  They were so excited and my 7 year old continually thanked my husband.  It really was the icing for the weekend's cake.
So how was your weekend?

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