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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I had a moment!

I had a moment today.  Our whole family went to register my two oldest for Kindergarten but my husband drove separately so he could go to work right after.  Well, registration requires writing a book about your child, not really but with two of them, I literally thought my hand would fall off.  By the time we were done, I had a cranky baby and two kids fighting relentlessly.  I was already feeling a little emotional about giving up homeschooling and having my two oldest start school so they were just adding fuel to my fire.  As any mother can attest, a crying baby just rips at your heart when there is nothing you can do.  She was just plain tired.  So I started the car and was ready to scream at my fighters knowing it was the wrong thing to do especially given the 20 minute drive home.  Then it hit me, try some music.

Well, I'm not a very religious person but I feel it is important to teach your children spirituality and religion.  I have questioned my own upbringing in the Catholic faith for most of my life and often struggle with what is best for my children.  A dear friend, more like a second mother, sent me a CD of music that sings various versus from the bible. I have played this for them at home but knew they weren't listening.  I decided I couldn't stand the crying and fighting anymore so I put the CD in and turned up the volume.  Then the moment happened.


Absolute silence.

I waited for something.  Afterall, Teagan never goes more than a minute or two without saying something.

Not a word.

No crying.  No fighting.  They were listening to these powerful words and absorbing it all.  Ellie fell asleep and I had the most peaceful drive home.  They never said a word the whole way and when they got out of the car, they were calm and peaceful.

I don't know what it was about this CD. The talking, the children saying bible versus, the singing, or all of it, but it instantly calmed all 3 children.  It will be interesting to see if it continues to have this soothing effect or if they even start to ask for it.

Anyway, the music is by Steve Green and titled "Two for One"   A special thanks to Judy for sending me this wonderful gift!


Emmiegram said...

Oh Stacey...what a beautiful story. It made me cry because I knew right away that it was the CD I sent you.
My copy was given to me by a very dear friend as well, and I knew there was something special about it the moment I heard it. I'm feeling chills down my spine right now, because I truly believe it was the Holy Spirit who inspired me to send it to you and who inspired you to put it on at that very moment.
God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He? love, j

BTE mom said...

I knew you would enjoy reading this one. It really was so odd. Mainly for Teagan, nothing ever stops her. It was the most peaceful moment I've had in a long time!