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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Murphy 30 day challenge update

At the beginning of the month, I told you that we were beginning a decluttering project in our house for 30 days.  Well with one week to go, I'm proud to say we've made some good progress.  We have filled and emptied the back of our Honda Pilot with donations twice and we are almost ready for a third trip tomorrow.  We have sold over $100 worth of items, mostly kids stuff.  We have three large boxes of shredding that I hope vaporize over night... and our house is a complete disaster right now!

When you start peeling away the layers in your house, you tend to make piles everywhere and it is easy to say "I'll take care of that later".  The psychology behind getting rid of stuff is really quite interesting.  Some people hold onto things because it makes them secure while others have a huge fear of losing the most important item in their life.  As we continue this process, I've constantly had to say "if it doesn't have a place and a purpose, it has to go"  Although our 30 days will conclude this Friday, we have a few more projects in store and plan to continue our challenge. 

I know.  I know what you are thinking.  Where are all the pictures?????  Well, my husband requested that I not photograph our horrendous mess in our bedroom or other areas and I respect this request.  However, I don't want to disappoint my readers so here's the deal. I have two major projects coming up and I promise to show before and after pictures once they are done.  The two areas will be our playroom/dining room and our walk in pantry.  So stay tuned in as the 30 day challenge continues and please share your pictures if you have decluttered any areas of your house.  It feels great doesn't it?


Kasey said...

I'm going to take up your challenge in April, I believe. I'm terrible about keeping clutter (I'd fall into the "afraid of losing the most important thing" category) and it needs to stop. I'm losing things by having too many things around, for fear of losing things. That makes no sense.
Good for you for sticking with it!

BTE mom said...

Great to hear! That is how we felt. It was actually costing us more to keep things. I still have a hard time letting them go. We plan to have a garage sale soon as that seems to motivate me even more.