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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year...New Beginnings

Well January has fallen upon us and with a new year comes new goals, strategies and tools for improving the Murphy home. Let’s start with BTE Homeschool.  We are going to implement the work box system for Rooster and TBear this year.  As I continue to attachment parent my little beaner, Rooster and Bear need a bit more structure.  We are going to start with 9 boxes and see how this goes.  I am thinking of painting the outside of my boxes since they gratiously sent me so many with my xmas orders.  They make great paper size slots.  Some of the activities going into our boxes include handwriting assignment, Leapster Tag assignments, card games with eachother and mom, small crafts and some  basic math. I think Rooster is ready for a math program on line so we are going to look for a kindergarten one for him.  BTE Homeschool will also try a bit more structure this year. We kinda flew “by the seat of our pants” the first half of the year. Skipping some days only to make it up at night or on the weekend. Although we will maintain flexibility for fun, we are going to incorporate some chores in our days and set 1:1 time for school.  Rooster is going to take swim lessons with Dad and TBear will take Creative Movement classes.  One other area of much needed improvement is spirituality.  The kids haven’t been attending church or reading the bible and yet TBear was so happy to yell Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas. They are so impressionable at this age that I know I need to impress faith upon them.  We hope to increase our followers on this blog as its activity becomes more of a goal for us so please leave your comments, good or bad so we can continue to improve, grow, and learn!


3213 said...

Stacey: Maybe this is is a good time to get those Bible verses CDs out again. TBear could do some creative movements to the music, and Rooster just might want to get out those wings out and fly!!! j

BTE mom said...

Will do!