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Monday, January 17, 2011

Work box success!

We are on week 2 of our work boxes.  We opted for a storage system from Target that was on sale.  Our whole system was less than $30.  It almost looks like a mail box in our play room (picture to come).  For Rooster and Bear, it is like Christmas every morning.  They run to their boxes to see what mommy has in store for them.  Their dreaded handwriting worksheets have new found excitement when they get to move their little circle to the completed chart.  Rooster is suddenly zipping through puzzles that previously collected dust.  More importantly, it is adding structure to our school days.  Since little Bean is still fighting this stomach virus, the boxes allow me to tend to her while the kids self direct their school day. Since grandma is here, I have put Paperoni (Target clearance around $3) to work on fine motor skills.  Their boxes also have Shape Shuffle puzzles, Tag reading, workbooks, name practice, flash cards, children's bible, and books that were previously collecting dust, ie. Shel Silverstein's fabulous poems.  Since it is Martin Luther King day, I am having them draw 5 pictures of people who look different then them.  It allows me to see what they see and address the topic of diversity on this important holiday!


3213 said...

Stacey: I find all of this so interesting. You are really creative, my friend, and your kids are benefiting from that creativity. Keep up the good work!!!

BTE mom said...

Thank you!