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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The road less traveled... the beginning of a co-op

It is easiest to follow the path that is nicely paved in life including when you parent.  Anyone who has ever been a parent knows that the path less traveled is sometimes the right answer even if more work.  We came to that decision when we decided to try homeschooling.  We again faced this unpathed road when we found that the co-op we plannd on using was not meeting our needs for homeschooling.  We were fortunate to have other moms share in this problem and three moms came together to form a co-op for 5 eager learners.

We began this co-op 3 weeks ago with great expectations and also fear of the unknown. After today's class, I am proud to say we are progressing.  We came together and successfully navigated through lessons on sign language, weather, math, and money.  Our kids then engaged in their own game of hide-and-seek further developing their blossoming friendships.  Our co-op isn't perfect but we are learning through trial and error while meeting the age specific needs of our cherished children.  Maybe some day this road will be paved ...

*Rain experiment conducted by teacher Kasey


Travelyn said...

A road less traveled offers beautiful sights less seen, making each destination more majestic!

BTE mom said...

Well said!