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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paralyzed by the cold

I am paralyzed this winter by cold weather.  Physically my body moves every day as it is suppose to but my soul is paralyzed by this continuous cold.  We moved to Lexington in part to get away from the cold, depressing Michigan winters.  I do have to say there is a significant difference here in that the sun shines most days but as I look at the temperature reading of 3 degrees this morning, my soul is paralyzed.  My creativity stiffled, my motivation stuck in quick sand.  Are you paralyzed this winter as well or do you embrace this cold weather and the opportunities barrels of snow provide?  I love a good snow fall, once, maybe twice but this year Lexington has had approximately 25" of snow compared to the average yearly falling of 15 and it is only January!

So what is one to do aside from running to Florida for the rest of the winter?  I think we all know how to break this paralysis.  Head to the gym, throw on some shorts, and run the track, swim in the pool, get that blood flowing.  Take a weekly trip to the tanning booth, not because you want to look like you live in the South, but because it will boost your serotinin levels.  Most of all, let those carbs go!!  They are winters enemy and most people overindulge in them during the holidays only to struggle with letting them go as the winter blues hit.  Boost your energy with a veg/fruit smoothie!   A few more weeks and Lexington should brighten with more sun, longer days and the hope of spring.  Until then, I'm going to bundle up the kiddos and head out for some Saturnday fun!


Kim said...

Yes for sure it paralyzes me!!! Great blog....2 years ago I purchase a "light box" for a mood booster!!! It really works for the Michigan blahs.....that and I keep telling myself that once January is over Spring is well within reach! LOL I'm dreaming I know, but this little "fib" to myself keeps my spirits up! Thanks Stacey...enjoyed it!

3213 said...

Hi Stacey:
You are a GREAT writer, my friend. Not only do you report on what's going on, but you include interesting thoughts, perspectives and feelings. I really like reading your stuff. Keep up the good work!!! Judy