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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15 in 30 outside activities- Day 4

Ok, today started as a completely miserable rainy and cold day with no power in our house for two hours.  I was bummed that we couldn't do anything outside so I decided we would have to cheat and go to the library.  I know, I know, you were looking for outside activities but the library is such an important place for my kids that I felt it worthy of a cheat. 

We love our local branch-Beaumont

Of course it stopped raining and the sun started to shine as soon as we got there...

Rooster can't walk past the insect books without picking one.  Today it was spiders because he knows I'm irrationally afraid of them and he is six.  When your six, your day is full of ways to either outwit your mom or scare her.

Bear patiently waits as she wants to head straight for the DVDs to see which one can she can obsess over for the next week

Rooster picks a bug DVD after informing me that the reptile one is boring because he already knows about reptiles. They think they know everything at six

Beaner can barely contain herself at this point and just wants to ruin some boys train tracks and wonder why they always cry when she joins the table

So 5 DVDs and 11 books later, it's off to gymnastics class! That's our fun spot for the day.

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Emmiegram said...

Love it! Keep 'em coming.