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Friday, April 8, 2011

15 things in 30 days to do outside

I decided to create a challenge for myself because I'm a competitive person.  I found myself feeling lazy through the winter and now with allergy season in full bloom.  I am challenging myself to find 15 things to do outside with my kiddos in 30 days.  I started this challenge yesterday and will continue to post our activities here.  Maybe this will give you some ideas when trying to find activities to keep your kids busy.  After all, busy kids are happy kids!

So yesterday we started our challenge with a visit to Harrods Hill park.  This is a fabulous park with two play structures.  One caters to older children and one to younger.  There is a long paved trail to walk on and several picnic areas with shelter.  My kids never get bored here and there seems to always be a nice group of people to socialize with.  I forgot the camera so you'll have to visit the park to see it for yourself.

Today, we walked down to our neighborhood park, Waverly with a mission in mind.  Mud play!  This park has so much to offer and one of my kids favorite areas is down a paved walk into a little valley type area.  Down there, they have discovered a very small stream that is currently full of mud.  I figured why not?  They covered themselves in mud, running and splashing.  Afterward, we returned home and I filled a baby pool outside so they could splash off the mud.  All together, a great  day for them and me!  
Stay tuned as we continue to explore Lexington in 30 days!

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Kasey said...

Nice! Can't wait to read about all you do!