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Monday, April 11, 2011

Peace- A mother's moment

Mother's around the world make numerous sacrifices every day for their children.  I am no exception.  Some do it better than others and some do it to a fault.  When I had my baby Beaner, I made the decision to "do it to a fault".  I think it goes hand in hand with attachment parenting.  I have what I consider a high need baby.  She wants to be cuddled and nursed to sleep by her mother and will accept no other.  She will wake up if I set her down.  This means no peace and quiet for mama!  So tonight, I'm a thief.  I'm stealing a moment.

Beaner was overtired from a short nap and fell asleep around 6:30.  I kindly excused myself from the noise of family time so she could "sleep in quiet".  So here I sat, in our bedroom, on our memory foam bed, propped up on pillows nursing my sleeping baby.  I grabbed my current book entitled "The Sweet Relief of Missing Children" by Sarah Braunstein.  I can't quite say I recommend it.  It's one of those books that constantly changes story lines and time but is still hard to put down at times.  Anyway, back to my peaceful moments.  Here I sat in my quiet room, child nursing in lala land and lost myself to the story.  Readers, you know what I mean.  Meanwhile, the sound outside was heavenly with the pitter patter of a light rainfall.  The occasional rumble of thunder.

It may not sound like much but quiet moments with just one child truly can be medicine for the soul.  How do you find peaceful moments during the chaos of raising children?

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