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Thursday, April 14, 2011

15 in 30 outside activities- Day 5

Our outside activity today was planting some vegetables for our square foot gardening.  I have to admit my kiddos were less than excited until they saw dirt.  This activity is so easy to do with kids and has so many lessons in it.  Start with some good soil. I use organic because I figure it is so cheap to grow my own I might as well.

I bought these at Meijer for a few dollars.  Seeds of change sent me 20 packs of seeds for shipping only.

I then summoned my troups but my plans were ambushed by worms.  Since when are they more interesting then mom?  They were camping out under the soil bag outside

I talked them into placing most of the worms in compost.  If you are grossed out by the compost bin, send a six year old.  They love that stuff

Have the kids fill your cups while you label sticks.  Trust me, you want to label.  We had mystery produce last summer

Tried to entertain the Beaner without using food because bribing with food will certainly lead to an eating disorder in her teen age years.  I quickly caved for food and figured I'll deal with the eating disorder later, I need produce now

Back to labeling.  If your anal like me, use a labeler

Have the kids poke a hole with their finger and drop a few seeds. You can always pluck some if too many grow

 Have kiddos pour a little water on each square. Or if they are ready to play with worms again, do it yourself

Then take a picture of their hard work and hope they grow! The produce that is, kids never stop growing!

Try not to forget the baby while you help them or she might find the worms. GROSS!

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