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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Day!

After several days of cold weather, there is nothing more refreshing then a beautiful sunny day with a warm breeze.  We are lucky to live on a park and the park was full of neighbors today.  I just love seeing the kids play on the playground.

You'll notice a group of ladies just leisurely chatting at the table.

I love sister's swinging together.

A father and son chatting about worms.

and this random guy playing his guitar in the park.  We don't know who he is but his music is so pleasant as he strums along.

There are kids stepping onto their new bikes.

and my personal favorite is the delight on a baby's face as she discovers how wonderful life outdoors really is...

As Earth day approaches, I plan to enjoy our wonderful planet and do my part to make it even better.  My tip for you is try using a designated "snot" rag for your child's next cold rather than tissues.  They will feel special to have their own rag (we use old burp clothes) and you will save a few trees.  I'd love to hear your tips as well.

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