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Monday, April 25, 2011

7 years in the making!

On April 24, 2004 (yes, I love the date too), I married a wonderful man during a picture perfect wedding.  We exchanged our vows in a very small church in Rothbury, Michigan.  We then toured the small town of Whitehall/Montague with our very large bridal party which was certainly talked about for days by the locals.  Our reception topped it all though.  This occurred at a lovely lodge located on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. 

This past weekend, we returned to this lovely spot to celebrate our seven years.  The Michillenda Lodge is a simplistic yet romantic getaway secluded from the hussle and bussle of daily life.  This large piece of land was purchased a long time ago by three men.  One from Michigan, one from Indiana, and one from Illinois.  Part of their contract was that they had to build something worth more than $600 (alot of money back then), within four years.  So they each built a small cottage on this land and called it Michillenda because it contained Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois in it. 

When you arrive at the lodge, you travel down this romantic road.

Then you arrive to find this very large lodge surrounded by numerous small cabins.  Our reception occurred in the lodge and most, if not all, of our guests stayed in the surrounding buildings.  Of course we escaped to a nearby hotel!

The dance floor overlooked gorgeous Lake Michigan not far from this spot

Yes, the Beaner had to join us as there is no substitute for mamma these days.

Inside this quaint lodge, the sign really says it all

During our reception, there was an unexpected guest that was the life of the party. I was happy to locate this guest once again so my little Beaner could meet him.  It was love at first site

As you leave the lodge, there is a very odd tree.  I'll let you use your imagination to decide what it looks like

Although it wasn't the most romantic anniversary celebration, it was wonderful to walk back down memory lane at this beautiful lodge.  Having our little girl with us made us realize how much we have changed in these seven years and makes us look forward to each year to come.  Farewell Michillenda!


Kelly said...

What a wonderful walk down memory lane for you! Happy Anniversary!

Jessica said...

I remember the day and the place very vividly! Was so happy to be a part of it all!!