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Monday, May 2, 2011

15 in 30- Day 11

Today we took off to one of our favorite parks here in Lexington.  Dogwood park in the Dogwood subdivision off Harrodsburg Road, just South of Man O'War.  We brought a picnic with us because it's one of those parks that makes you want to do that.  Although it connects to our subdivision, the parking lot is in the Dogwood subdivision.  If you don't have three kids to drag along, you can easily ride your bike there from our house and cross a lovely little creek often full of tadpoles and crawdads.  I drove because, well, I have three kids to drag along.

This is what you see from the parking lot. 

This is a wonderful spot for a picnic covered from the days hot sun.

There is a long path to walk along

Down there is the little bridge with the crawdads

The playground is one of the better ones we have seen

which brings big smiles to all!

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