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Monday, May 9, 2011

15 in 30- Day 15 and the new Couch to Smokies challenge

As I mentioned earlier, today ends our 15 in 30 outside activities.  I thought about taking a break before my next challenge but I'm just way to excited for this next one.  I also don't have much time to meet my deadline.  On May 20th, my little Rooster is going on a backpacking trip with my hubby and his brother in the beautiful Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.  The hike to their campsite is approximately five miles long.  My husband had already surrendered to having to carry my 45lb Rooster but I frankly think it is ridiculous that a six year old can not walk five miles.  Therefore, it is boot camp for my little buddy (only he doesn't know it). 

I will be the first to admit I have no idea what the Couch to 5K program entails. I've heard about it and that is about it, but the name is so catchy.  I have no rhyme or reason for my fitness activities with my kiddos, it is just whatever comes up and gets them moving.  I figure they need at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day to really get an increase in their energy levels (am I insane?) and any extra is bonus.  I'm happy to report our first day went quite well.

We started with a low key activity to get them basically "off the couch".  We went outside with a twin size sheet and filled it with plastic balls (half of my workout was keeping Beaner off them).

Then the kiddos each grabbed an end of the sheet

and shook like crazy!

Bray decided we needed to put a bigger ball on there and I then had to lend a hand to the activity

This activity is great for strengthening those arms or as my friend Kelly over at My Space Without the Distraction calls them "Bingo Wings".  I quote, You know... the sag of skin that flaps around when the old ladies shake their arms up in the air while yelling, "Bingo!"    Check Kelly out if need some workout motivation.  She's quite the funny blogger!

Anyway, Rooster decided he was done exercising after about 10 minutes.  Not quite what I had in mind. He suddenly decided he needed to make a squirrel nest.  That is one thing I love about age six.  They are creative and capable.  Being the smart cookie I am at times, I convinced him that we needed to go on a walk and look at where squirrels lived and gather some acorns.  He bought that one hook, line, and sinker.  So off we went arond the block.  Here is building the squirrel home.  He is gluing acorns to card board.

Once my hubby came home from work, I told him my plans and he immediately climbed on board and agreed it was time for our family walk.

The Beaner is much happier in her new bike than the old stroller she used to get dragged around in

Like old friends, Rooster and Peanut talked about dead chickens for so long I think they forgot they were walking.  They were making dead chickens out of everything they saw because that is funny to a four and six year old.  Next thing I knew, we had walked one mile and they cried when it ended!

All and all, a great day one for the Couch to Smokies challenge!

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