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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

15 in 30- Day 12

Do you remember when you were a child playing outside on a hot summer night?  Suddenly you hear the music and you know its the ice cream truck?  So you run fast to get your loose change and hope to catch him?  Well, that was our activity for the evening as I think every child should have the great memory of chasing the ice cream truck.  Unfortunately, 12 years in law enforcement has corrupted my thoughts of the ice cream man but that is for another blog.  When I was a kid though, he was magical as he had ice cream that no one else did.  The ones with the gumball at the bottom? mmmm
So when I heard that familiar sound coming through our neighborhood, I regressed back to that little girl and grabbed my loyal followers.  I'm not sure what the man was thinking coming through at 7:30pm during the week?  Luckily my husband indulged my craziness as I grabbed my pajama dressed kiddos and headed out the door.

Here they stand in our driveway, yes in pajamas, wondering why I brought them outside.  Notice my 6 year old likes the inside out style for his PJs.  I'm behind them saying "do you hear that?  do you hear the music? It's the ice cream truck! Run, run as fast as you can before he leaves!"

Here they are running.  Clearly you can tell which child wants the ice cream most.

They spotted the truck in the park and start jumping up and down for him to stop

Suzy Q truck stops and informs us he is out of just about everything.  I wanted to yell "then what the heck are you doing out at this hour?" but I calmly told him my kids are visual and to show them what he has before my 4 year old really shows her true colors

They settled for a Twix ice cream bar and ice cream sandwich.  They clearly were wanting the rocket pops though.  Remember those?

My kiddos then ran back to show daddy their goods.  I then, being the mean mommy that I am, slapped on the "kill joy" and told them they had to wait until tomorrow to eat them.  They surprisingly took the news quite well and went to bed with a smile on their face!

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