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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Declutter final step

Well, we have spent the past few months purging and thinning out our house.  I have to admit that the progress was much slower than I hoped for and the results not as drastic as I anticipated.  We are celebrating with a garage sale this weekend though! I say "celebrating" because garage sales in Lexington sometimes seem like little parties.  Neighbors come by and chat, friends you don't always find time to see swing by and the kids get excited with every passing customer.  It is also a good opportunity to teach lessons in money, value, savings and having your own business.  At six, Rooster will be running his first lemonade and cookie stand.  I'm certain when he sees that first quarter in his hand, he will instantly want to be the next Donald Trump.

This garage sale also really empties some excess clutter.  The sheer number of toys in it is just amazing.  I'm even selling off my Mickey Mouse collection that I started in the 7th grade!  Although this is a huge step in our attempts to simplify our household, I can till look around and think that we have too much.  There are too many things to move when I clean floors, too many trinkets to dust around, and too much on our kitchen counter.  I thought simplifying would be simple but it truly is a challenge.  Sometimes we feel like our possessions define us when at times they really consume us.  All the time I spend organizing, rearranging and trying to pick up can be spent educating, modeling and exercising my three most prized possessions.  It's a long road but I at least feel a bit closer with a garage full of stuff to get rid of.  So come on by and check it out this weekend or just say Hi, either way, we'd be happy to see you!


Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could stop by and enjoy a nice glass of lemonade! :o)

BTE mom said...

It was refreshing!