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Thursday, May 19, 2011


As father's day approaches, I find myself trying to define this holiday.  I discovered that Mother's Day was a holiday that began to honor mothers (as if you didn't know that).  What I found interesting though, was that in the early 1900's, a Civil War Veteran was left a widow of six children when his wife died during child birth.  Suddenly, he became both mother and father during a time when father's were expected to go to work while mothers tended to their children.  Interestingly, his 16 year old daughter requested that the church set aside a day in June to honor fathers like her own, and so they did.  Through the years, a father's role has changed as our society has encouraged dual parenting.  Can you imagine if your father had stayed home with you when you were a child while your mother went to work?  I think we would have drove my father insane but I know some awesome dads today who stay home with their children.  In fact, my own husband stayed home with Rooster from age three months to six months, while I returned to work.  I firmly believe those three months gave my husband a sense of duty as a father and the confidence to parent in my absence.  Of course not all fathers or even mothers have the means or even desire to stay home with their children.  I just would like to see an increase in encouragement from society when they do. 

Back to Father's Day.  This is a day to honor fathers.  I honor my own father usually by making something he will find special.  This year it will be a simple framed photo of the kiddos.  Years ago, before kids, I spent six months knitting a blanket for him and I like to think it let him know how special he is. 

As a mother of young children, I also feel that I need to honor my husband. My children do not quite understand how to honor their father on his special day so it is up to me to guide them in doing so.  As for my hubby, well, he just wants to play golf on his day and that is ok too.

My whole reason for this post is to remind myself and others how important a father's role is in the upbringing of a child.  We often do not realize the impact their influence has on our children.  I know my own husband often feels that his little Beaner only needs her mother.  Although I often am the star in her eyes, I think this video just goes to show that in her short one year of life, her father has already been a great influence. 

How do you honor your father or husband on Father's Day?

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