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Monday, May 16, 2011

In the words of a hoarding 4 year old...

Hi, my parent's call me Bear likely because I'm soft and cuddly rather than difficult.  My parent's think I'm a hoarder but I believe they just misinterpret my creations.  I like things.  Lots of things.  My Little Pony, stickers, Llama Llama, and lots of little bows and ribbons.  In fact, I found a beautiful box of pearl bobby pins in my special box the other day.  I'm not sure why mom freaked out about that one.  They sure did hurt when I touched them but they looked beautiful in my walls and stuffed animals.  My parents keep talking about this simple living stuff and frankly it sounds quite boring.  My mom keeps selling stuff that I could use, like candles, her jewlry and most of all my toys!

The other day I made my room the beautifullest it's ever been! Mommy freaked out and wouldn't let me in for hours after that.  Clearly if she had, my room would still be beautiful.

If you look here, you will see how I strategically set up ponyville on the floor in my room.  I put a chair there so my ponies can reach the tea party on my dresser.  The stickers are all the decorations for the pony party.  I don't think my mom minds that I used all her tape to hang up my pictures.  My Pet Shops were also invited to my party.

I had to show my big brother all the fun in my room so we decided to roast some marshmellows I found in the pantry.  I would of shown mom too but she was feeding my baby sister.

Mom eventually came to my party but I think she was grumpy because she kicked me out of my room and ruined it...

At least she left the decorations.  I had also worked hard at pulling down all my dresses so I can pick out the prettiest one for my parties.

You can see how my art desk is ready for party planning.  Mommy didn't like this either...

She calls this pretty...I call it boring.  My desk is empty!

Well, while my mom was busy destroying the beauty in my bedroom, I was able to make the playroom much more suitable for my creative moments.

My mom calls me a hoarder and I think that is a fancy word for party decorator.  Uh ooh, she just found my party invitation!!  How was I suppose to know she needed that to RSVP for a real wedding??  I just can't win!


Kim said...

Lol! Halarious....great job Stacey! I agree...I think I may have destroyed a few materpieces of my children's....oops! LOL

Kelly said...

Haha...cute! I like the term "party decorator"! It sounds much fancier than hoarder. I swear, every time I see the playroom, something is always in a different spot ;)