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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I've really grown to like Mother's Day.  In fact, it is quickly approaching status as my favorite holiday.  This is one day out of the year where I am the boss and everyone listens.  Well, the kids still don't listen but my hubby does.  He knows that for this one day, he has to suck it up and do whatever I want; his day will come and the outcome of his day is completely dependent on how well he "suck's it up" for me.

So today, I decided to take my mom out to breakfast without the kiddos because we never get that quiet time together.  I gave her a little journal with some writing prompts as a gift.  We then all went to church together because I feel church is very important for our children and since it is my day, my hubby can't say no as he often does.  I was surprised to come home from breakfast and find my handsome crew ready to go.  After church, I locked myself in our bedroom with Beaner so she could get a good nap and I could surf for shopping deals.  Quite disappointed there.  Found a 30% off one item at Old Navy and 20% off Children's Place.  My hubby knows that I love to shop but never shop for myself so he gave me some cold hard cash for Mother's Day.  My clothes are really looking quite raggedy these days.

Anyway, before Beaners nap, my hubby really surprised me with a homemade card from Rooster, Peanut and himself! Yes, he made a card. It had a golf course drawn on it.  I have to give him credit though, he draws a nice course.  Anyway, back to the surprise. I was kinda grumbling to myself that although I knew I was getting cash for clothes, I still wanted some acknowledgement from the kiddos that today is my day.  I was rehearsing my lecture to him about how simple it is to give them a crayon and paper and make mommy a card.  So he scored big points in my book by doing that.  We try not to support Hallmark.  I mean $4.50 for a card?  Seriously, that is like 8 loaves of bread at the outlet! 

 I have to take Beaner shopping because she will only take so much daddy time, but I'm excited for fun time out looking for clothes for me with my mom! 

I feel so fortunate to have three beautiful, healthy, and intelligent children that made me able to call today "My Day" and to have a wonderful mom who shaped me into the mom I am able to be today.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mother's out there.


Jessica said...

I laughed at your coupon surfing comment because Darren bought me an outfit for Mother's Day at Ann Taylor Loft and promptly told me that he forgot to use a coupon, which I usually have, and gave me the receipt, the coupon that he found in my coupon bag and a little extra money to shop with! Then we all went together as a family and I saved money and got a couple other new things. Worked for me!

Liz said...

My husband and 3 year old made me a homemade card too. I like it better because it's 100% unique and free! It means a lot more to me too because it takes more effort than grabbing a card of the shelf. :)

BTE mom said...

Liz I totally agree. The homemade ones are the only ones I seem to keep too!
Jess, I miss Ann Taylor loft! Our closest one is on the other side of town. I have to laugh at Darren! Gary went to buy a golf club Saturday that he saved and researched for all year. He tried to head out the door without a coupon for a $200 purchase! Needless to say, he is still in training.