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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letting go

I was reading through my latest copy of Parent today and came across an article entitled "Keep in Touch"  The sub title read "Spending time apart from your kid is never easy, but these fun tips can help you feel close."  Well, I was all excited to read those tips as I was really missing my Rooster who was backpacking in the Smokey Mountains with his dad, cousin and uncle.  I was quite disappointed to see they were referring to your child missing you rather than the reverse. 

At what age do we really have to let go?  Is it for their first sleep over at a friend's house?  The first day of Kindergarten?   There is something so reassuring about having your own child asleep under the same roof as you.  This is Roosters second backpacking trip with daddy but this one has been much harder on me.  I even had to hug his pillow good night.  Go ahead and laugh.  Maybe it is because the last time my hubby was in the Smokies he had to fight off a bear.  Seriously.  Or maybe it is because they do not have any cell phone reception so I have not heard from them since they left.  Either way, I miss my little buddy and can't wait to hug him again.

Am I just wierdo mom here or do you too have trouble letting go?

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