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Monday, May 9, 2011

15 in 30- Day 14/15

Wow, it has been 30 days already since we started our 15 in 30 things to do outside challenge.  It turned out to be much harder than I anticipated for several reasons.  One, the weather.  It did not always cooperate and forced us to enjoy any kind of weather. Two, we are a one car family by choice. My hubby works 1 mile from our house so it makes no sense to have 2 cars.  I, however, do not function much before 9am so if I want the car, I have to be on my game, and take all 3 kids to drop him off at work. I know, I know, "you lazy mama" your all thinking.  To my defense, there is a direct correlation to the amount of sleep I get at night and how soon I get moving in the morning. and our final struggle with outside activities is a half crawling half walking baby! 

Well, yesterday was 30 days so today we are blogging two different activities for you to finish up this series and start our new challenge.  Day 14's activity is water!  We chose the water table that Beaner got for her early birthday celebration.  Talk about squeals and giggles from a baby!  All 3 kids enjoyed this as they love water.  You can use anything.  Fill different bowls for them to play in with measuring cups, put water on a tarp for an instant slip and slide or the good old fashioned hose spraying.  So here are some pics of our activity.  Stay tuned for Day 15's activity as it is also the first activity of our next series!

Aren't they just adorable?


Liz said...

I need to get that for my son! He LOVES playing with water. We've been setting him up in the kitchen with a bowl full of water and different containers to put them in, and we give him measuring cups and spoons to transfer the water. He will sit there for an hour without making a peep. He would LOVE this outside water table though!

BTE mom said...

Well worth the money. There are several different themes of this table. I priced around for awhile and Walmart was cheaper than any other store online or in store. My Walmart did not have any so I paid $5 more at Target. Worth every penny!

Liz said...

awesome! I will check it out, thanks!